Top 20+ Career Options For Which You Don't Even Need Graduation

Top 20+ Career Options For Which You Don't Even Need Graduation

Hello friends, welcome once again to Gujarat's number a - z information website ie Jobs in Gujarat. Friends, today I will share with you many career options from which you can earn good money.. For the career options I will share here, you do not need to have a graduation degree. Yes, you can do this course without graduation.

Friends, today we will tell you about 35 such career options in which you do not need to do college i.e. graduation and also you can earn good money from these career options.

Friends, if you know, now the time after Corona is creating a lot of job opportunities.. After Corona, many people have come to know that money can be earned even sitting at home and yes it is true. Below we have given a list of many websites where you can work from home, which you must check so that you will know what kind of jobs can be earned from which platform.

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You and I know that apart from the traditional many career options, there are career options that do not require any degree. Yes, you are reading right and that is what we are going to talk about today. 

So friends, today we are going to inform you about some of the same career options by which you can choose your favorite career option, so let's start today's topic....

The Ethical Hacker

An Ethical Hacker is a person who has many professional and technical skills with which he targets a system and identifies the vulnerabilities in it and does not do anything without the permission of the owner of the system. An Ethical Hacker should be one who follows the owner's rules and protects the system.

Friends to become an ethical hacker you need to be computer literate and also interested in computer, to do this course you just need to pass class 10 and you can do this from any institution. Thus, you will get an estimated salary of Rs. Can be found between 1.5 lakhs to 20+ lakhs.


Friends if you have passion and interest in photography then you can do a course called diploma/certificate in photography. The starting salary scale from this course starts from a package of approximately 3LPA.

a politician

In a country like India, especially in Gujarat, a young leader would feel like joining politics. Yes, if you want to become a politician in India, you must be at least 25 years old and for this, no college or any qualification is required. Not done yet, after becoming a politician you earn Rs. You can get salary from 1 lakh to 12 lakh and any other allowance.

the author

Friends if you think I am interested in writing work and I want to become a writer then firstly you need to pass 12th then only you can get formal or informal training with estimated starting salary 2.4 lacs.


Friends you must have some idea about modeling and if you want to make a career in modeling/acting then first of all your confidence depends on your look and how you carry yourself. You can make a good career by doing diploma modeling and acting courses.

Personal trainer

Friends, you must have heard that they have or keep their trainer, then who is this trainer, then friends, if we talk about this, to become this trainer, you need to pass 12th standard, only after that you get admission in the course of 3-15 months. Due to increasing health concerns after Corona, there is a great need for personal trainers in India to bring health awareness.

Dance Instructor

To become a dance instructor you can take training for dance after class 12. There are many dance schools across India where you can get training and do an internship.

Real estate agent

You must be at least 18 or 20 years of age to become a real estate agent. Every state has different age standards. After completing the pre-licensing course you have to complete (pass) your respective state's real estate license exam.

Purchasing Agent

A purchasing agent is a person who buys and supplies goods for the company. You must have seen that there are two types of business in any country, one is import and the other is export. According to both of these you can become a trader. Yes, for this you have to take an import export license. And there is a lot of scope in this market.

Registered Nurse

Friends to do this course you must be at least 17 years of age and you have to do the course offered by any institute to become a registered nurse. To do this course your qualification should be standard - 12th.

Graphic designer

To become a graphic designer you need to pass 12th standard then you can pursue a career in graphic designing by doing a one or two year diploma course as per your choice.

Make-up artists

Even if you don't have any qualifications to become a make-up artist, you just have to do a diploma course for this make-up, after this course you will start from 15 thousand per month.

Creative home decor

Creative home decor means home decoration course, you must have seen that people are doing new things for home decoration these days and the craze of home decoration has increased a lot these days and the sale of handmade products has also increased very fast. You can earn good income by selling these handmade items on the internet.

Web Developer/ Designer

You can become a good web developer by doing a diploma course without graduating. You will need to work hard here as experience is very useful here.

Game Designer

Game designer is a new emerging industry in India which you can join right after class 12. For this you can do game designer certificate course and diploma course.

Game Designer

Game designer is a new emerging industry in India which you can join right after class 12. For this you can do game designer certificate course and diploma course.


You don't need any qualifications to become a YouTuber, if you have good speaking skills and you can attract audience, then you can build your skills by creating a YouTube channel, normally anyone can create a channel through Adsense or any affiliate marketing. can earn


Friends, blog is what you must be thinking yes yes blogger is a person who runs a blog yes friends and blog what you write on your favorite topic is what we call blog. Friends, once your blog is popular, you can earn a lot of money from various sources.

Radio/Video Jockey

To become a radio/video jockey you need to have 10th pass and have the ability to entertain ODNS.

Stock Market Professionals

Friends you can make a career in stock market professionals by passing class 12 here your age must be 21 years to do this course. For this it is necessary to register with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Tourism Professional

To become a tourism professional you can do diploma course in tourism professional from different branches of tourism based on your interest from any branch. The demand in this profession is increasing day by day. And now a days people are traveling more and more, you can run as a travel consultant or travel agency.

Fashion/Interior Designing

You can do this diploma course in fashion/interior designing immediately after passing class 12th. There is no problem in doing this course but it is very important that you have a creative mind. You can do this course from any reputed institute.

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